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Cats are all around us, and they have conquered the Internet. These felines, however, are mysterious creatures. Your kitty is an impossible mix of conspiratorial, cuddly, needy, and aloof. Cats even confuse their owners. One good example is their longevity: the oldest documented living cat is now pushing a grand old age (in cat terms) of 27 years. It is no wonder cats prefer women more to men as the former have a more high pitched voice compared to men. This is the reason cats approach women more than men.

Cats and their abilities

Other than starring in countless YouTube videos, cats have a number other abilities too. One dominant power that your cat has but you do not is its ability to see in the dark. Your cat can see six times better than you in areas of low light. This is by any account quite impressive. The breed of your cat does not only affects its appearance but personality too. A cat's behavior is strongly linked to its coat color. To give an example, tortoiseshell cats are found to be independent. They generally prefer one person, and such cats are pushy and demanding. The same can be said about Abyssianians, Calicos, and Torties whose personalities correlate with coat color. The most mischevious are the orange tabby cats. Their coat color has a good correlation with their outgoing nature.

Wild nature

For cat owners, it is a continuing mystery-and a problem- as to why their cats go from zero to 100 and zoom around within the house. Even scientists are puzzled by such behavior. It is commonly believed that cats who spend most of their time indoors have substantial pent-up energy which they cannot exercise to release, unlike their wild cat brethren who expel their energy by hunting and stalking. Since they hunt for food, they are always on edge. It should not come as a surprise that your domestic house cat is similar to a wild cat in more ways than you can imagine. The behavior of your cat is identical to other members of the cat family like leopards, lions, and tigers. It means when you co-habit with your cat, you live with a piece of wild, nearly untamed nature. This is important as with the shrinking wildlife of planet earth; these animals need all the help they can get. A few among us hunt big cats for sport. Lions and tigers are repeatedly poached or illegally killed all over the world. That does not mean most of us have stopped caring. The recent outrage across the globe when a trophy hunter killed a lion testifies to the fact that millions of people care.

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