Summer Safety Tips For Your Canine Companion

Summer Safety Tips For Your Canine Companion

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Summertime means sun, fun and a lot of outdoor playtime if you are a dog โ€“ or even a pet owner for that matter. But, no matter how fun summer is for you or your dog, there are a few safety tips that will make it carefree and safe for everyone concerned.

  • Sun, shirt and shade โ€“ Apply sunscreen, slip on a shirt and wear a hat on your head. This technique works for dogs as well, especially if he is not of the short-haired variety. Put a shirt on your dog, put on some pet-safe sunscreen on his nose and ears, and make sure that he stays in the shade often โ€“ this will make sure that your pup is not affected by sunburn or heatstroke.
  • Heatstroke โ€“ This is not a fun activity for anybody, especially for your dog. If you want this potential summer dampener to be nipped in the bud, make sure that your dog has easy access to shade and plenty of water. A pair of cool summer shades would not hurt either. Signs of a heatstroke include excessive drooling, panting, fever and rapid pulse.
  • Grassy knolls โ€“ Dogs love to run amok and play on grassy areas. But, make sure that your pup stays in designated areas, because there is a good chance that he will ingest fertilizers from non-dog areas, which will be harmful to him. The safest bet is to take your pup to the local dog park.
  • Christineโ€™s wrath โ€“ Do not ever leave your dog in the car during the peak summer months, even if you are just going to the store for a few minutes. The heat inside the car can rapidly rise to lethal levels. So, leave him at home or take him along with you when you go shopping.
  • Antifreeze โ€“ This is something that you always need to be on the lookout for. Dogs find antifreeze delicious and it can be poisonous even in very small amounts. In the summer, cars tend to overheat more and leak antifreeze. Keep an eye out for it when you are walking your dog.
  • Life vest โ€“ If you are planning to take your dog out on the boat, then make sure that he knows how to swim. Keep in mind that not all the dogs know how to swim. And even if your canine companion can swim, a life vest is absolutely necessary. Rip currents can be a real killer, even for dogs that have excellent swimming abilities. You can never tell when accidents can happen when you are sailing on the high seas.
  • Extra pointers โ€“ You should also make sure that your dogโ€™s registration and ID is up-to-date. That way, even if he gets overexcited and takes off, you will be easily able to track him down. And if the day is really hot, take him for walks when it is cool โ€“ early morning or early evening is the best time. Last, but not the least, ensure that you are up to date on tick and flea medication. This is the time of the year when they come out in droves.

Summer Is Here. Hereโ€™s How To Keep Your Pet Safe

Picnics, cool drinks, watermelon slices and a day well spent at the pool are some of the thoughts that come to mind when one thinks about summer. But summers can also be a hotbed for infections and hazards when embarking on outdoor adventures with your furry pal. Here are some tips to keep your best friend safe during the season.

Cars Can Become Furnaces, Keep Your Pet Hydrated and Safe

According to a report by PETA, the inside of a car can get up to 3ยฐ F hot per minute. If you do have to leave your pets in the car, make sure you roll down the windows or crank up the air conditioning to ensure that the heat inside the car is being constantly regulated. Heatstroke and dehydration are not just human problems; your pets get affected too. Keeping your pet hydrated during hot summer months. Always make sure there is a bowl of cold water available for your furry friend.

Be on a Parasite Patrol

While summers can be a playful time for your pets, it is also the time where veterinarians see the most number of cases of ear or skin infections. When on a picnic or exploring the outdoors with your furry playmate, keep them away from sniffing too many flowers or eating plant food. Even the grass is sprayed with insecticides and ingesting it can prove to be fatal for your pet. Ensure that the paws of your pet are well protected against ringworms, tapeworms or any other parasite wiggling on the streets. Anti-flea and tic medication should also be applied all over your petโ€™s body to maintain good hygiene.

Love Your Scissors, Ditch the Razor When Grooming

How one grooms their pets is largely dependent on the area they live in and the breed they have. Your petโ€™s fur coat is what helps them to regulate their body temperature and block harmful sunlight. This summer season, trim your petโ€™s majestic coat to keep them cool but do not shave it off. The most common illness amongst most pet is skin cancer due to a high exposure to the sun. Pair the short coat with an effective sun block to keep their skin healthy and happy.

Be Your Petโ€™s Lifeguard

Pools or just a good time at the beach can be a great stress buster during summers. When stepping inside the cool water with your pet, make sure they have a life jacket strapped on. The first thing to teach them is the exit route from the pool to prevent them from drowning. One should always be near when swimming in a lake or an ocean to rescue them immediately if they get stuck in a sand pit and fail to find solid ground underneath.

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