St Bernard, A Rescuer That You Would Want to Grow Up With


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St Bernard, A Rescuer That You Would Want to Grow Up With

What more can you ask from a kind, intelligent, gentle, and good-natured dog? St. Bernard is the โ€˜whole package' when it comes to finding a pet. These dogs were once rescuers who reached out to people suffering in the cold in the treacherous Alps. But now, St. Bernard is a breed that many would want to keep as a pet.

What makes St. Bernard an excellent pet?

Despite their size, St. Bernard dogs love indoors. They are extremely calm and friendly and make great companions. All they need is a good amount of walking and a little room to stretch and spread out. There are several reasons to pick St. Bernard as a pet to grow up with. Some of them are

  • Need limited exercise

Unlike other dogs, St. Bernard dogs do not need a lot of exercises. He is not a jogging companion. But he does need to walk around a little and stretch himself.

  • Display minimal aggression

St. Bernard dogs are not aggressive. They bark when there is a cause or show display protective instincts. Their size is indeed a deterrent to any attacker. But apart from that, they are very calm and friendly dogs.

  • They love human companionship

They love to be with their human family and mostly indoors. They make great companions either while reading, watching TV, or simply sipping a cup of tea. They are easy-going and extremely patient with children as well. Though they might accidentally knock off small children, St. Bernard dogs are great to snuggle, especially for kids.

  • Happy and playful

St. Bernard breed of dogs suffer heat exhaustion. But put them in snow, and they are the happiest dogs you will ever see. They love to romp in the snow, play, and run around. Snow is their playground, and watching a playful dog gives more joy than ever.

  • Big puppy for years

If you love puppies, then St. Bernard is the dog for you. They take longer to mature mentally, giving you a big puppy for several years. St. Bernard originated in Switzerland and have the ability to withstand cold temperatures. Unfortunately, they do not do well in heat due to their coat that comes in two variety, short-haired and longhaired. These dogs have a short life span of 8 to 10 years but can live a little longer with a good diet, timely vaccination, proper attention, and care. Grooming them is of utmost importance as they can shed excessively if they are not taken care of. If you are a neat-freak, then St. Bernard breed is not for you. They drool and shed, and their paws bring in a fair share of mud.

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