Spreading the Love for Be Kind to Animals Week


Be Kind to Animals Week

Since 1877, theย 

American Humane Association

ย has been leading the way in understanding human-animal interaction and its role in society. ย Supporting this goal is the well-known

Be Kind to Animals Week

, which has been celebrated nationally since its foundation in 1915.Be Kind to Animals Week was originally founded to teach children the value of showing kindness to animals. Today, it is widely celebrated as a chance for all people to show appreciation to the dogs, cats, birds, horses, bunnies, fish, and other kind creatures who bring joy into our lives every day, and only ask for love (and the occasional treat) in return.During this special week,


is asking you to do something kind for an animal. We'll be offering "kindness tips" onย ourย 


page to give you some ideas!Perhaps one of the best opportunities to promote kindness to animals occurs when shopping for or adopting new pets. According to aย 

new study on dog behaviors published by the American Veterinary Medical Association

, dogs from pet stores -- who often come fromย puppyย millsย -- can have "significantly greater aggression toward human family members, unfamiliar people, and other dogs; greater fear of other dogs and nonsocial stimuli; and greater separation-related problems and house soiling."This comes as no surprise to folks who advocate againstย 

puppyย mills

ย -- organizations that breedย puppiesย in unhealthy environments with an eye simply to making as much money fromย puppyย sales as possible. By not supporting these organizations, we can help bring this practice to an end.So letโ€™s take this opportunity to thank the furry friends in our lives for being a source of comfort, love, and inspiration. Let's show animals the love and kindness theyย deserve. What will you do to celebrate?

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