Signs of Uncomfortable Dogs


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It is good to understand what your dog is thinking. It is better to know what the canine does when it is uncomfortable, stressed out, or anxious. If you know what ails your dog, you can help monitor the stress levels of the animal, or remove it from any stressful situation. Stress comes before aggression. It means if the dog has the following issues, you should be careful.

The tell tell symptoms

It wags the tail slowly. A quick wag of the tail means the dog is happy and excited. A slow wag means it is unhappy. The slower the tail wag, the more unhappy is the dog. Do pay attention to this body part.

The tail is tucked. A dog with its tail tucked between the legs means the animal is frightened. This is also a submissive position. Stress will lead to extreme equals fear. A tucked tail means the normally docile dog is terrified. It is a sign for you to be wary. A frightened dog could attack anytime.

Zero appetite. If your normally food relishing dog suddenly forgets to eat, then something is seriously wrong. Dogs in these conditions do not even touch the given food, including their favorite ones. This is a sure sign that something in the environment is giving the dog extreme stress. Do remember that a dog with zero appetite means other issues can be present too. Ensure that action is taken if the puppy is not properly eating its dinner.

No interest in playing. This is specially applicable if your dog was a playful animal and always ready to play at a moment's notice. If your dog shows no interest in playing or plays a little before retiring to its hiding place, it means something is terribly wrong. The animal is suffering stress in high amounts. Dogs are like humans. Like us, it wants to stay quiet when it is stressed and not eat and talk much. If you observe this behavior in your dog, then remove it from that situation.

Ears are pinned back. The ears are one of the main communication sources between you and the dog. It is possible to tell a lot about what the dog is feeling or thinking by the way the animal's ears are behaving. If the ears are low against the head, then it means the dog is suffering from extreme amounts of stress. If your dog suddenly jumps up and its ears are no longer pinned behind the back, then it means the animal is back to its happy self. A dog naturally blinks and squints. The problem is that if it does them in greater frequency than usual. These are signs of mild stress and may need some monitoring,

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