Signs Of A Heart-Attack In Pets


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Each year, millions of people suffer from heart diseases, the most common amongst them being a heart attack. Like humans, animals too suffer from heart attacks. A heart attack in humans can almost immediately be identified. There will be immense chest pain followed by a partial paralysis of the body. Dizziness and vomiting are also sure-shot signs of a heart attack. In pets, however, reading heart attack symptoms can be tough because a lot of them overlap with other less-threatening problems. As an owner, it is your duty to read the signs correctly and provide medical attention as soon as possible. If you don?t know which signs indicate heart attack, then here are some of the most common ones.

  1. Breathing difficultyIf you find that your pet is gasping for breath, then it is a sign that he might be having a heart attack. When the blood flow gets disrupted, the proper oxygen supply to the body also gets affected. Because of this, the animal tries to inhale more oxygen. Breathing problems are common heart attack signs and if your pet experiences one, then you should immediately call for medical help.
  2. WeaknessOften, heart attacks happen over a period of time. The body gives signals that there is a problem. One of those signals is weakness and lethargy. If your pet suffers from a heart attack, it will be tired all the time. That means less activity and more lying around. Your pet will also refrain from eating and playing.
  3. AnxietyAnxiety is also a common sign in heart attack victims. Pets who suffer from heart attack will become restless and become sensitive to its surroundings. Since lethargy and anxiety are both signs of heart attack, it sometimes becomes hard to say what the exact problem is.
  4. Tilting of the headHeart attack victims often tilt their head in a certain position when they experience a heart attack. Pets can tilt their head without any reason but if you find him in the same position for a long time, then you should consider taking him to the vet.

Heart attack affects millions of people every year and animals are no exception. However, unlike humans, correctly identifying heart attack in pets is a challenge. Some of the signs of a heart attack are commonly found in humans too. Signs like weakness, breathing difficulty and anxiety are common in heart attack victims. The tilting of the head in a certain position is also a confirmed sign of heart attack. If you witness any of these signs in your pet, then you should take him to a vet immediately because the effect of heart attack can change from mild to extreme in a matter of seconds.

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