Should you allow cats on kitchen counters?


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People can be classified into two types. The first type is one whose homes are always antiseptic clean. Their furniture and floor shine. The second category is the laidback ones. A visitor to the second category home will find it pleasantly homely. There is a third category too: the people whose homes are between the two extremes. The third category people try to keep their homes clean but fail most of the time. A subject of contention exists between these three categories: will the cat be allowed on the kitchen counter?

Aesthetic conflict

A clean household is a desirable one. Any clean house will prevent diseases to pass from any susceptible animal to vulnerable people. Some people take cleanliness to an extreme level. As a cat owner, you should not adopt this practice. It is perfectly alright to be afraid of germs, but you should not be obsessed with them. If you want a real clean home, do not bring pets into your house. A happy home always includes a pet.You can keep the pet and also have a clean home. To do this, keep the house clean as much as you possibly can. The key word is "possible" here. A clean home will also make your pet a healthier animal. Even veterinarians understand that it is important to keep people and pets healthy. This is important as a number of studies support germ theory. This is the idea that exposing ourselves to harmful pathogens will strengthen our body defenses. It will make us much healthier over a period of time. It means being too clean is not good for the health. What this also means that cats can be permitted on the kitchen counter.


Some house practices could be unhealthy to both you and your pet. Theoretically speaking, the list of such harmful practices include allowing the kitty to get on the counter. You also should not kiss the cat. Many people do kiss their cats in their mouth, but you should not do so. This is applicable even with the knowledge that cats like to keep themselves scrupulously clean.The problem with cats is you do not know where their paws have been. They walk anywhere and everywhere. It is a surety that your kitty has walked over piles of refuse. This is the reason you should clean the cat's paws before you allow it to wander the house. Wipe the paws with an anti-bacterial solution before you permit it to climb and sit on the kitchen counter. This is applicable to your bed as well. If you do not have regular access to cat specific antiseptic, clean it with hot water, clean sponge, and soap.

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