Saving Strays & Fighting Crime: A New Source for K9 Dogs


k9 dogs
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Mutts are just as clever and capable as their purebred cousins -- anyone that has rescued a mixed breed can attest to that.

However, when it comes to being official police K9 dogs, purebreds have long been the only choice.

Departments with K9 dogs often spend thousands of dollars having purebreds like German Shepherds from Europe shipped over. This expense not only that takes a large bite out of the department?s budget, but it could also be entirely avoided.

k9 dogs
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It seems crazy for police to be paying top dollar for European purebreds when there are equally capable dogs that are in jeopardy of being put down. And Universal K9 is working on helping police everywhere realize that.

From Strays to K9 Dogs - How The Program Works

Brad Croft, the founder of Universal K9, and his team of military-trained personnel have already trained upwards of 60 rescue dogs. His organization has turned out dogs that can detect drugs or explosives, track scents, and apprehend a suspect. What?s more, every single one of these dogs were on track to be put down before they were rescued by Universal K9.

k9 dogs
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Once the dogs are fully trained, they are given to a police department free of charge. This organization gives police a new resource and gives these dogs a new lease on life.

And it is not only police who benefit from these fully trained K9 dogs. Schools and other institutions that may need the kind of help these dogs have to offer can apply to receive K9 dogs of their own. The goal of this program is to find homes for these otherwise helpless dogs, so anyplace that can use them is more than welcome.

k9 dogs
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How You Can Help

Croft is currently working with a class of 15 new dogs and expects to have trained 100 dogs by the end of the year. ?Croft said to

ABC News

?if you look at the statistics, the statistics are like something like 945,000 a year that are being euthanized,? so there is still a lot of work to be done.In order to widen their scope and help more police departments open their eyes to the potential of rescue dogs, Universal K9 is asking for some start up capital and has been using the popular crowdsourcing site


to go about it. If you think this project is worth expanding, please lend them a hand either by donating or sharing this with people who might care.


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