Rosie to the Rescue: Saved from Backyard Breeding, Rosie is an Ambassa-dog for Disabled Pets


Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

When we first saw pictures of Rosie, we were sure that they had to be some kind of a hoax. How could this piglet-looking creature in fact be a canine? As we have come to discover, Rosie is most certainly a dog, and a very real example of what can go wrong with backyard breeding and dog hoarding.Rosie was one of 20 dogs rescued from a house in Woodland Hills, California, during the summer of 2012. Almost all of the animals that were rescued were sick or suffered from genetic deformities, but Rosie was in the poorest condition.At the time of her rescue, Rosie suffered from a litany of genetic disorders and diseases due to reckless inbreeding and neglect. With her malformed snout, mangled jaw and teeth, severely bowed legs and patchy fur due to demodectic mange, Rosieโ€™s condition was heartbreaking.

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Rescuing Rosie

Itโ€™s been over a year since Rosieโ€™s rescue, and weโ€™re happy to report that she is thriving! Rosie lives in beautiful Malibu, California, with her adoptive mom, Cinnamon, who has provided the medical and emotional support that Rosie needed to survive.
Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

Now, Rosie works as a spokes-dog against backyard breeding, and an ambassa-dog for

special needs dogs everywhere.In her own words: โ€œI was born 2/14/10. Mom says I was the best Valentine ever! Sometimes I wear clothes to protect my skinโ€ฆ I walk a bit like a crab but I get where I want to goโ€ฆ Maybe Iโ€™m different -- but thatโ€™s okay!โ€Help Rosie educate the world about dog hoarding and backyard breeding. Visit her Facebook

page and



Update 10/11/13

We are deeply saddened to hear about the passing ofย 


, just last night. We know that her beautiful smile inspired thousands, and that her story will continue to spreadย awareness about backyard breeding. Our hearts go out to Rosie's family.

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