Ready for the World Cup? See Purin the Super Beagle Play Soccer!

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In honor of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, we are proud to introduce you to Purin, the soccer playing


. In an amazing display of

athleticism, Purin not only manages to score a number of goals, but she is also a more than capable goalie! Add in the fact that she can do some seriously impressive handstands, and Purin is a true triple threat.
Re: Impressive handstands

Don’t believe us? Watch the video!

Now isn't that incredible?Purin was adopted 9 years ago in Shibuya, Tokyo, and since then has learned a number of

scene-stealing tricks. She has appeared in a few commercial spots, as well be the star of her own YouTube channel


Purin on a commercial shoot.

Have you ever seen a dog do anything like that before? Let us know in the comments section below.

Purin playing with a beach ball

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Source:The Dodo - Forget The World Cup, Lets Watch This Beagle Play Soccer Instead
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