Ramen Noodle, the Adorable Poodle with Just Two Legs


From YouTube
From YouTube

Ramen Noodle was born a โ€œnormalโ€ Miniature Poodle with four legs, but lost them both in separate incidents due to weak, brittle bones, probably a result of being inbreed in a

puppy mill, to attain his tiny stature.Ramenโ€™s first injury occurred when he was just eight months old, and he broke his front leg. Unfortunately, his original owner did not properly care for the injury while it was in the cast, and left it on for nine weeks. When he was finally brought back to the vet, his front leg was nearly destroyed by gangrene. With Ramen on the brink of death, the owner was given an ultimatum; relinquish the dog, or be reported to animal services.After acting as his lead nurse during Ramenโ€™s recovery process, Jaime Salata Van Tassel fell in love, and adopted the now perky pup. Unfortunately, a second broken bone lead to a second amputation.

Bouncing Back

Ramen is now healed, and healthy. He has adapted to maneuvering on his hind legs, and can run for a treat or toy as fast as any pup. Ramen doesnโ€™t know that he is any different from other dogs, and has never lost his courageous spirit!Watch Ramen play with an adorable orphan kitten! Ramenโ€™s story gained popularity after he was featured in a photo series by the famous dog photographer,ย Carli Davidson

. Check out her beautiful gallery on

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