Quick Tips on House Training Your Puppy

Quick Tips on House Training Your Puppy

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Puppies can be house-trained anywhere between 12-16 weeks of age. If your puppy is older or is already accustomed to eliminating indoors due to habits he has picked up at the shelter, it will take some time before he is house-trained. Here are some tips on how to toilet-train your dog.

How to toilet-train your puppy

The first step toward house-training your pet is establishing a routine. When you get your puppy to adopt a regular routine, it becomes easier to predict when he needs to eliminate, and you can take him outdoors at the designated time. Along with a routine, you also want to have a designated spot outdoors where your dog can eliminate. It helps if you use a phrase like โ€˜potty timeโ€™ or something else every time you take your dog out to eliminate, so he knows what he is supposed to do. You want to give him a


when he eliminates outdoors, to reinforce the behavior.So what do you do if your puppy does not eliminate when you take him outdoors? Take him back home, and return again, after about 30 minutes to an hour. The initial phase of house-training your pet will require close supervision. The idea is to confine your pet to a kennel or a crate between toilet outings, so he does not eliminate when he is indoors. You will have to take him out once in every few hours before he gets used to the habit. You also want to watch for signs that your puppy wants to eliminate, such as excitement or restless behavior, circling or sniffing on the floor. You want to take your dog out in the morning, after naps, before he sleeps, and after meals. Once your puppy gets the hang of house-training, you want to gradually reduce the time he spends in confinement, and allow him to run around the house freely.

What if your puppy eliminates indoors while training?

It is likely that your pup may end up eliminating in the house during the training stage, but donโ€™t get frustrated. If you catch him in the act, then make a loud noise (sound a horn or clap) and firmly say โ€˜noโ€™, so your puppy stops it. Scolding and punishment are a strict no-no; they will only make your pet be scared of you. Instead, calmly take him outdoors so he can eliminate. In case you do not catch him in the act of eliminating indoors, but find traces later, do not scold him, as he will not understand why he is being told off. Clean it up with an enzymatic


, so there are no odors left behind, they may otherwise encourage your pet to relieve himself again in the same spot.

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