Purina's Beneful Sued for Poisoning Pets

Purina's Beneful Sued for Poisoning Pets

Be careful which food you pick up for your pooch. Major commercial pet food manufacturer Purina has been sued in California in a class action lawsuit alleging that its Beneful brand is poisoning pooches.

Searching for justice


The suit was

filed in federal court on Feb. 5

 by Frank Lucido, according to Top Class Actions. The lawsuit alleges that the plaintiff had three dogs who he began feeding Beneful in December 2014 and January 2015. Shortly after eating Beneful exclusively, each of Lucido's dogs experienced serious medical issues, according to the lawsuit.One of Lucido's dogs, a German Shepherd, was taken to the veterinarian, where the vet saw internal bleeding that may be attributed to poisoning. Another one of Lucido's dogs was found dead in the yard, according to Top Class Actions. The pooch, an English bulldog, had signs of internal bleeding on the liver and stomach, similar to the German Shepherd. The third dog is being tested.One reason why Lucido may be taking on Purina with two class action lawsuits - one nationwide and one in the state of California - is because of the widespread negative experiences with Beneful expressed online.The Consumer Affairs website carries

reviews from hundreds of pet owners

, many of whom claim that their pets got ill from the food. Commonly reported symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, bloating, incontinence, and changes in behavior. Beneful has a one-star rating on the site, with approximately 800 reviews.

What are mycotoxins?

One of the suggested reasons for the poisoning in the lawsuit is the presence of mycotoxins in the dog food. Mycotoxins are chemicals produced by fungi that can grow on crops, like the grains used in dog food. If the chemical is present on the crops, it can lead to poisoning and possibly death in both humans and animals. Some of the crops that can be affected by mycotoxins include corn, oats, barley, hay, nuts and other cereal grains.The lawsuit alleged that crops with toxins may have been used by Beneful in their food and therefore poisoned dogs, like Lucido's.

How can you protect your pooch?

One of the best ways to ensure that your dog doesn't contract any health issues related to mycotoxins is to feed them natural food that isn't at risk of having grains that may be contaminated with mycotoxins in the first place. One of these healthy diet options is

Forza 10

.Forza 10 is made with ocean fish, seaweed, vegetables, herbs and spices. It's designed to avoid corn and other grains so there's no risk of mycotoxins at all. Additionally, not using corn can help your dog avoid inflammation or allergies associated with commercial diets. Forza 10 delivers all of its protein in the form of lean fish, which is also good for your pooch's weight.This hypoallergenic food is also loaded with vitamins and minerals, so it's like your canine companion is getting a scoop of supplements in every bowl. Use your PetPlus membership to save on Forza 10 and other nutritious pet food products.

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