Purina One's Cat Cafe is a Smash Success

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Purina One's Cat Cafe is a Smash Success

This past week, Purina ONE and the North Shore Animal League joined forces, coming up with the idea that ended up being a perfect storm for a real world viral sensation -- a pop-up cat cafe. All the ingredients are there. Cats. Lattes. Impermanence. Did I mention they had cats? How could the masses resist!

For those unaware of what a “pop-up shop” is, it is a store that exists for only a brief period of time. A common example are stores that sell seasonal wares (i.e., Halloween costumes, Christmas decorations).

And this was not done simply to amuse. The North Shore Animal Shelter has filled the cafe with cats eligible for adoption. So, while you may have only come in for a cappuccino, you might have ended up leaving with a kitty under your arm.


The first establishment of its kind in America, this cat cafe was piggybacking off the recent trend cropping up first in Japan, and now a few cities across Europe (like the popular Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium in London). And while it is not a permanent fixture, this “pop-up” has certainly sparked its fair share of interest. Just look at what Twitter had to say.

Due to the massive popularity of the cafe and limited amount of patrons allowed inside (they didn’t want to overstimulate the cats), the average wait time to even get through the door at Purina’s Cat Cafe was around 2-3 hours! But for those that made it through the arduous wait, the experience made it worth their while.  cat-cafe

If you missed the Purina ONE Cat Cafe, just keep your ear to the ground. With the massive success that it was, you can be sure that other companies and shelters will be following suit, offering patrons the unique experience of sipping a latte while petting a kitty.

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