Properly bandaging a dog's paw

Properly bandaging a dog's paw

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There will come a day when your dog will hurt its paw. It will be then your responsibility to properly bandage the injured paw. If you do not do this within a specific time period, then this seemingly minor injury will quickly become a severe one. It is crucial to apply a safe and clean bandage in a standard manner. Doing this will prevent the injury suffered by your dog to become infected. When you properly bandage the dog's wound, you also prevent blood to flow out. Your dog will suffer less pain too.You should assemble a first-aid kit as soon as you adopt a dog. In case you have not assembled a unit, it is time to put everything in place. The basic first-aid kit must include four items: antiseptic, adhesive tape or bandage, sterile pads, and gauze.

Cut limb

If you spy your dog suffering a cut in its leg, then you should follow a series of instructions. These instructions were created by professionals and made with the intention to cause quick healing. The first action to do in such a situation is to clean the wound and disinfect the same. Place an absorbent and nonstick pad over the affected area. With the first two actions completed, take a gauze bandage and then wrap it over a non-stick absorbent pad. Take the adhesive tape and wrap a single layer over the bandage. Roll the cotton over gauze pad. Follow this action by applying a stretch gauze. Do not leave this bandage over the wound for an extended period of time. Change the bandage frequently. This will permit this wound to be clean. It will also be bacteria free.

Bandage dog's paw

The commonest injury is a cut or crack of the paw. If you see an injury in the paw of the dog, it is important you should follow a few actions in sequence. The first action to do is whether the paw bleeds or not. Use warm water to wash the wound. It is important to make sure that the wound does not contain any residual debris. Use tweezers to remove any fine foreign particles. After making sure the wound is completely debris free, take Betadine solution and clean injured area. The last step is to apply antiseptic cream. The soft gauze should then be wrapped in a pad. Apply pressure bandage over soft gauze. Wrap this in such a way that you can insert two fingers below pressure wrap. The point is that it must not be applied tightly.It can be surprisingly tough to keep the bandage on to the dog, The bandage must be kept in place over a certain period of time. It should be kept dry at all costs.

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