Problems Due to Stray Cats


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Stray cats are generally regarded as pest species due to their habit of taking over public places in large numbers. They spray everywhere and fight each other and sometimes also other species. These cats usually hover around public dumpsters and a foul musk scent is apparent during mating season. There have been reports of stray cats biting humans. These cats are also found to be hostile against domestic pet cats. A stray cat should thus be removed from public areas.

Do not abandon your cat

If you want to solve the stray cat problem, then do not feed them. It is not good to abandon your pet cat. If you want a well-behaved cat, have the animal spayed or neutered. Remember cats are lovely animals unless you dump them and leave the animals to survive on their own. Most people do not comprehend that although a kitty looks cute on the outside, it is always hungry and extremely feisty. It is also territorial and can be a real pain if you are not cautious of their activities. Most cat owners adapt to their kitty when it grows. Families surviving on a budget, however, tend to rehome it. Since they cannot find anyone else to take their cat, they dump the animal on the streets. The cat from then on has to survive by itself. This may cause a substantial number of problems. These cat owners do not think this far, their only aim is to get rid of the animal.

Cat population and diseases

A stray cat may cause a huge number of problems. One big problem is excess mating and its aftermath. Male cat mates with different female cats during a mating season and may also mate with pet cats, leaving the owner of that cat with unexpected kittens. The population of unwanted cats will only increase. Most stray kittens will die and nobody wants that. It is better to spay or neuter your cat so that nothing of this sort happens.

Another big problem is cat behavior. These felines travel in small colonies or packs. It means these cats would fight with your domestic cat over territory. The stray cats also carry many fatal diseases like feline HIV, feline leukemia, and rabies. Fleas and ticks are also carried. The last two will cause a huge number of problems if they enter the confines of the home. You will be forced to spend a large amount of money to disinfect your home. Do remember that rabies is transferable to humans, and it is one of the worst diseases known to humankind. Many owners do not vaccinate their cats before they dump them. These make the cats a threat to the surrounding human population.

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