Pretzel, the Blind, 3-Legged Cat Inspires Thousands with Recovery Story



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Pretzel the blind, three-legged cat, got her name because of her twisted hind legs, but she doesn't let it slow her down!Vet tech Carmen Bernard discovered the


kitten whileย driving down a highway outside of Jacksonville, FL. Bernard was sure that Pretzel had been hit by a car, as her hind legs were noticeably distorted.However, a visit to the veterinarian's office revealed that her twisted legs were due to a serious birth defect, rather than an accident.ย X-rays confirmed that the catโ€™s right leg was backwards and her kneecap was on the back of her leg. Her left leg was also deformed, but not as severely as her right.These deformities caused a significant amount of pain, andย made it difficult for Pretzel to walk. To make matters worse, vets discovered that the kitten was irreversibly

blind.Such serious medical issues would make the kitten almost certainly un-adoptable.RELATED STORY: How to Foster a Cat
Pretzel takes a bath. Via Facebook
Pretzel takes a bath. Photo via Facebook

The Choice to Fight

"The vet said, you have two choices: You can either stick in this for the long haul or you can put her to sleep,โ€ Bernard told television stationย WXJT. โ€œAnd I had to give her a chance."
Bernard decided that she would commit herself to saving this little kitten, and made a Facebook page dedicated to their journey together. Pretzel's story spread like wildfire, and soon their page had an international following. Donations to help save Pretzel's legs began pouring in, and Bernard decided to seek help from the doctors at the University of Florida.
Sadly, after several surgeries to repair her right leg, the wound became infected and doctors were forced to amputate in order to save Pretzel's life.
Pretzel doesn't mind her missing leg! Photo via Facebook.
Pretzel doesn't mind her missing leg! Photo via Facebook.
Despite losing a leg, Pretzel never lost her enduring spirit. She continues to play, jump and cuddle like any other cat -- inspiring thousands of fans by sharing her journey. In fact, Bernard was able to raise $4,500 for an animal shelter specializing in hard to place pets.

The Family That Heals Together

Perhaps more incredible than Pretzel's journey of recovery is her owner's commitment to helping what she calls "scratch and dent" animals. Along with taking care of Pretzel, Carmen Bernard and her family have two dogs -- one of them blind -- and are currently fostering Trooper, a Pit Bull puppy suffering from a sever case of mange.
Read more about Pretzel and her family their Facebook page.
Trooper Before and After. Photo via Facebook
Trooper Before and After. Photo via Facebook.

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