Pregnant Dog Rescued After Two Days Buried Under Sidewalk

Pregnant Dog Rescued After Two Days Buried Under Sidewalk

When your city approves much needed renovations to your neighborhood, it is usually cause for celebration. However, in Russia this week, one sidewalk repair ended up causing far more trouble than it was worth.After filling in a sinkhole and repaving the sidewalk, a family who lived next to the old sinkhole began to hear

muffled crying coming from the exact spot where the renovations were done. Eventually, more and more people in the area were talking about the whimpers coming from underground. After two days had gone by, the family contacted the city, but was told nothing could be done.So they took the job into their own hands, pulling up all of the freshly laid brick and digging out all the dirt to reveal the old sinkhole. What they uncovered was a sight that would break your heart - a dog was buried underneath the sidewalk.

Dog Buried Under Sidewalk Rescued

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