Police Sergeant Harbors Neighborhood "Cat Burglar"

Police Sergeant Harbors Neighborhood Cat Burglar

In a story that seems almost too rich to be true, a Portland police sergeant has been knowingly harboring a master thief for years - a striped cat named Tigger.

The face of a criminal mastermind

Sgt. Dave Kempas first started to notice the cat burglary four years ago. He would wake up in the morning and what would be staring him in the face? A mystery hat or a stray glove sitting on the floor. But how did they get there?Well, being the dedicated cop that he is, Sgt. Kempas decided to launch a full investigation into the mystery items that kept cropping up in his house night after night. He had a hunch that the thefts were committed by one of his four legged friends, but Kempas is a good cop and good cops donโ€™t jump to conclusions over a hunch. Sgt. Kempas set up some night vision cameras around his house in hopes of catching the culprit red pawed. And it worked! Within a few nights, he had video evidence of his stripy little friend sneaking back into his yard with a mouthful of stolen items. All sorts of items wereย being lifted from neighboring homes, only to end up on Kempasโ€™ floor.

Like underpants

Typically, if Sgt. Kempas were to discover a serial burglar, they would end up handcuffed in the back of a squad car. However, this situation is different. First of all, ย they donโ€™t make handcuffs small enough. Secondly, nobody affected by this catโ€™s crime spree is going to press charges. To most, the thought of a cat sneaking off into the dark with on of theirย gym socks is well worth the price. However, occasionally Tigger will bring home something a little more befitting his criminal background. โ€œ(Tigger) did bring back a bag of weed one time. It was small, a bud really all it was. I thought I could get him with a PCS (possession of a controlled substance) charge.โ€ said Sgt. Kempas, showing that he is a truly good sport about his cats proclivity for crime. Rather than bust his cat and have him perform community service, Kempas thought that it would make more sense to advertise his catโ€™s theft with a Facebook page. Now known as Kleptokitty, Tigger has taken the internet by swarm. And, in case you were wondering what was happening with all the items that Tigger steals, Sgt. Kempas often washes the contraband clothing and donates it to Goodwill. That is, unless it is a lone sock or glove. Then it goes straight in the garbage - until Tigger fishes it back out and leaves it on the floor...Want more funny pet stories? Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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