Pit Bull Rescued with Chain Embedded in Neck (GRAPHIC)

Pit Bull Rescued with Chain Embedded in Neck (GRAPHIC)

Earlier this week, a stray dog was found walkingย the streets of Mason, Tennessee. Picked up by a local family, whatย they saw when they approached the calm, but apprehensive dogย was enough to bring a tear to your eye. This poor, gentle, loving creature was in an immense amount of pain from a chain around his neck that was

embedded so deep that vets said it was closing in on his spinal cord

.Knowing what resources were in the area, the family had the dog brought over toย the

Tipton County Animal Shelter

. Unfortunately, shelters like Tipton cannot always give dogs with severe injuries the levelย of care they require. However, in a lucky turn of events, a representative from the

Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue

ย in Memphis got wind of this dog in needย and swooped in to save the day.Due to this dogโ€™s elevated need for immediate care, the good people at Hearts of Goldย rushed him over to the

Animal Emergency Center

in Memphis where they took him straight into the operating room to have the embedded chain removed.Here are some images of the damage done to this poor dog's neck.

Warning! Graphic Content:

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Though it took a lot of precision to carefully remove the collar without doing excessive damage to the dogโ€™s already mangled neck, the operation was a success. Now recovering at a local veterinary hospital, Mason (named for the town he was picked up in) is undergoing daily hydrotherapy, as well as taking a slew of antibiotics to ward off infection and pain relievers (for obvious reasons).And that is not all. What makes Masonโ€™s story truly incredible is his unshakeable temperament. Clearly the victim of abuse at the hands of a terrible person, did Mason ever lose faith in people or show any sort of aggression towards his rescuers? No.


Just look at that face!

In fact, Mason was so happy to see people and interact with them that, despite the excruciating pain he must have been suffering, even on the operating tableย he was wagging his tail.Just some more proof that all dogs are manโ€™s best friend and that it is up to us to live up to their standard. A wise man once said โ€œa perfect world is one where every person is actually as good as their dog thinks they are.โ€ Well, Mason has certainly seen some of the worst of humanity and managed to come out untainted. It is our job to prove that we are worthy of such unconditional love and trust.If you live in the greater Memphis area and are looking for an amazing dog to take home, contact the good people at the

Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue

and arrange a time to meet with Mason or any of the other special dogs in their care.

And to the wonderful family that adopts Mason, they will receive a lifetime of free PetPlus - a membership program that gives you wholesale pricing on all the things you need to keep your pet healthy (like antibiotics, pain meds, heartworm treatment, and more). To learn more about PetPlus, check out our site.

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