Pit Bull Gives Birth to Healthy Puppy After Being Thrown from a Moving Car

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Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

Penny the Pit Bull has not had an easy life. Before being tossed out of a moving vehicle by her abusive owner, this poor girl was likely tortured in dog fighting. Who would guess that the day a cruel human attempted to kill Penny would be the beginning of her happy new life?Penny was rescued from the side of a road in Memphis, Tennessee by staff at the nearby Berclair Animal Hospital. At the time of her rescue, she was emaciated, badly injured, and suffering from congestive heart failure as result of

heartworm.After treating Penny's most dire injuries, the veterinarians contacted Donna Velez, founder of Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue

 in Memphis. Although the rescue was full, Donna was determined to help the pitiful pup, and began searching for a new home for Penny immediately.

A Home for Penny

Luckily, it didn't take long for a family in St. Louis to find the pictures of Penny and agree to take her in. Already having two Pitties of their own, they were confident they could provide this poor girl with a good home.In the days since her rescue, Penny has made a remarkable turnaround. Her new family keeps fans updated on her 

Facebook page

."Penny is really loving life now! Her appetite is HUGE which is good because she didn't want to eat the first day home so hopefully she will start packing on some pounds. She's still afraid of our two boys but I'm working on socializing them safely. She loves going on walks and wants to run back to the house when we return, but I have to keep her from doing that due to her health. Overall this is a big adjustment for everyone but I look at it like having a new baby, lots of changes that eventually fall into place."

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

An Unexpected Miracle

However, the biggest surprise in Penny's recovery came when she unexpectedly gave birth to a puppy named Nickel. Despite all of her mother's traumas, the baby girl was born perfectly healthy!According to


, when Nickel has been weaned from nursing, she will go to a foster family with Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue.Penny's new family sums up the life-changing events that have saved this mother-daughter duo: "Just imagine the life this pup would have had if the owners didn't dump Penny. 2 lives saved!"To find out more about the dogs available for adoption at Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue, visit their 



Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook

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Update 12/09/13

It's with heavy hearts that we say Penny has crossed the rainbow bridge. She passed away this week due to congestive heart failure. Our hearts go out to her family.


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