PetPlus and 2 Million Dogs Join Forces to Fight Cancer

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PetPlus and 2 Million Dogs Join Forces to Fight Cancer


What is the 2 Million Dogs Foundation?

Cancer is a condition that affects us all -- that includes our dogs. As it stands, one out of four dogs will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. For the unlucky ones, while treatment is still an option

, it's often expensive, invasive, and ineffective.To help bolster the fight against this debilitating disorder, 2 Million Dogs is dedicated to uncovering the links between people, their pets, and cancer, hoping to close in on how to best prevent this condition from developing in the first place.

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How They’re Helping


2 Million Dogs

puts all of its resources into providing funding for

comparative oncology studies

. Comparative oncology is an area of cancer research in which doctors study and aim to treat cancer in animals, with the hope that what they learn from treating pets will result in advancement in the field of cancer treatment in general.As it happens, cancer in our pets is not so different from cancer in people. Pets and owners both share many of the same environmental risk factors, and the biology of pet and people tumors are remarkably similar. Also, since cancer moves quicker in pets - often advancing in months what would have taken years in a person - studying cancer in pets allows for a quicker completion of clinical trials. In short, comparative oncology works to cure and

prevent cancer in our pets with the idea that the discoveries made will translate to improving cancer treatment for people.2 Million Dogs raises money for comparative oncology by hosting their "PuppyUp" dog walks

 all across the country. During these walks, participants sponsored by friends and family walk two miles with their dog and thousands of others to raise funds and awareness for 2 Million Dogs. In this way, 2 Million Dogs manages to bring like minded people together, increase awareness about their cause, and draw from a large pool of donors all at once.

How You Can Help



is offering to donate 25 cents for every new “LIKE” we receive on

our Facebook page

, so if you haven’t liked our page yet, now is a great time to do so. And if you've already liked us, then share this post with your friends!We would also like to encourage you to reach into your coffers and donate a little something yourself, or look at

their events calendar

and participate in a walk near you. Or, if you're so inclined, 2 Million Dogs is always looking for volunteers, as well as new venues to host a walk. So, if you have some time to spare, or live in a place that would embrace the 2 Million Dogs mission,

reach out to them here

.And remember -- if we all work together, we can put a “paws” on cancer!


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