Pet Safety in the Car

Pet Safety in the Car

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Pet owners are guilty of many irresponsible acts while bringing their pets in the car, right from driving with their pets on the lap, to leaving their pets unattended. While there are many laws and stringent fines imposed to keep car safety in check, many pet owners are unaware of it. We bring you the top tips to keep your pet safe while in the car.


Watch out for those power windows. All it takes is for your pet to unknowingly rest his paw on the button, and it causes the window to open or close. If your pet is sitting unmonitored in the back seat then it can cause the window to suddenly close in on him, causing him to choke if he has his head out. If the windows open accidentally, then your pet may even look at it as an opportunity to jump out of the car, diving head first into dangerous traffic. The best way to ensure your pet is safe is to keep the power window controls off, and have someone keep a close watch on your pet if he has his head out to catch the breeze, so he does not leap out of the car.

Belts, harnesses and crates

If your dog likes to sit upright, then you can get him a


with seat belt. Make sure the harness is strong enough to protect your pet, you do not want it to just break. A crate can serve as a comfortable and secure den for your pet when youโ€™re taking him out in the car. This is especially a good idea if you have a small pet that has a tendency to soil the car seat. Of course, you want to make sure your pet is comfortable traveling around in a crate. You can train him in short bouts so he gets used to the ideaย  If the drive is going to be long, then you want to let him out from time to time, for breaks.If your pet has not had a great experience while traveling in the car, thereโ€™s a good chance that he will get anxious the next time you put him in the car. Train your pet so gets used to traveling in the car. He may also feel nauseous during the ride, in which case you want to feed him after the cart trip. If you are headed on a longer trip, you want to make sure that you carry some water along, so your pet stays hydrated. Be sure to stop once in every 3 hours, so your pet can take a nice stretch. Do not leave him unattended locked in the car.

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