One Viral Photo Saved Two Dogs from Death Row

One Viral Photo Saved Two Dogs from Death Row

A picture is worth a thousand words, and the image aboveย is proof of that.The dogs in the photo areย 

Kala and Keira

- two bonded dogs at a county shelter in Atlanta. The pair were also next on the list to be put down - the day after that picture was taken, in fact. Finding a home for a bonded pair is hard enough, but the idea of getting them adopted within 24 hours seemed downright impossible.But thanks to the wide network of wonderful people on the internet (like yourself!), anything is possible. A volunteer group called

Angels Among Us

heard about Kala and Keiraโ€™s story and took up the mantle, rushing over to the shelter to take photos and plead to their audience to help them find a home for these loving dogs.

The Internet to the Rescue!

Never did they imagine that these inseparable dogs would take such a touching photo. Seeing the way these two dogs cared for each other touched the hearts of thousands, causing the image to go instantly viral.The photo was posted and almost immediately received

over 9,000

shares.With such a high volume of traffic, things were beginning to look up for Kala and Keira. And within a few hours, a local Atlantean decided then and there that Kala and Keira were going home with him.Here is a photo of the loving family.


And while their story is far from the norm, it just goes to show that with enough people caring at once, we can take the impossible and put it within reach. Heaven knows Kala and Keira are grateful for all the compassion they received, and there are many more dogs out there for us to help into a home.If you would like to meet Kala or Keira, contact Angels Among Us and they will put you in touch with the family that is fostering them. Please, help these wonderful dogs find their forever home.

Photo credit toย Malena Evans

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