Near-Dead Stray Found on Dirt Road, Saved by Hero Woman

Near-Dead Stray Found on Dirt Road, Saved by Hero Woman

Last month a California woman, Regina McKerrihan, discovered a St. Bernard in desperate need of help. Lying on the side of a dusty dirt road, the dog had a gaping wound on her backside that was infested with maggots down to the bone. She was clearly in a lot of pain and required immediate attention. maggie-woundAfter calling a number of shelters - each of them unwilling to help - it became clear that Regina would have to care for the dog on her own. The dog, now named Maggie, was in visible distress. She had sustained severe injuries on her back and looked to be inches from death. She was so weak that she couldn’t even stand up. This presented a serious obstacle to Maggie’s would-be rescuer, since she was not quite strong enough to hoist the large dog into her car all by herself.maggie-11Luckily, Regina was able to flag down a truck with two helpful men in it. The men moved her onto a blanket then gently slid her into the car. From there, Maggie’s hero drove her straight to the emergency room where she was tested for a wide swath of diseases.maggie-9Aside from the visibly disturbing wound on her rear leg, Maggie’s blood test came back positive for Pyometra, a number of parasites (likely from a diet of road kill), and a rare form of low grade uterine cancer. Because of the extensive level of care that Maggie required, Regina's credit card was quickly maxed out. However, just because she had paid as much as she could, didn’t mean that the bills stopped a few days, Maggie’s cost of care was up to $7,500 - too much for Regina to fund alone. But thanks to the internet, there are a number of wonderful crowd funding platforms that let people ask for donations. She quickly made a GoFundMe campaign to help cover the cost of Maggie’s hospital bills, which you can find here. After just two weeks, Maggie’s bills are almost completely paid off, having raised over $6,500 with a goal of $7,500. That being said, there is still a good bit of donating that needs to happen. On our end, we have already set up Maggie with a free lifetime of PetPlus. This way, no matter what obstacles may come down life’s road, Maggie will be covered. So please, if you are feeling generous, go to Maggie’s GoFundMe page and make a donation.And if you are interested in signing up for PetPlus, try this two week free trial and see the savings for yourself!national-dog-day
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