NBA Star Spends Time with Obama's Portuguese Water Dogs

NBA Star Spends Time with Obama's Portuguese Water Dogs

Golden State Warrior's star guard Steph Curry didn't visit the White House just to see first pooches Sunny and Bo, but a


ย posted to Twitter of him lounging on a White House couch with the two Portuguese Water Dogsย cuddled up next to him did go viral.

Presidential pooches

Curry was at the White House to meet with President Obama and speak with others about malaria. Although Curry is best known as an all-star basketball player, he's also involved with Nothing But Nets, a charity that helps provide mosquito netting in Africa to help prevent the spread of malaria. He spoke to media members and others about his experience going to Tanzania and the president's malaria initiative.Noted fan of basketball and Curry in particular, President Obama also talked to the NBA player about his coach and teammates, the San Francisco Chronicle explained. But the biggest fans of the entire experience might have been Portuguese Water Dogsย Bo and Sunny, who looked thrilled to spend a little time with Curry while he toured the White House.Bo was given as a gift to the Obama family in 2009, while they got Sunny, a female, in 2013. Portuguese Water Dogs are well-known for their lack of shedding and are good dogs for people with allergies. Additionally, they're particularly athletic pooches. Sunny and Bo might be able to take on Curry and his Golden State teammate and Splash Brother Klay Thompson in a quick game of 2-on-2 next time he visits the White House.

Athletic dog breeds

If you're an athletic person who enjoys running and hiking, you might want a pooch who can keep up with your level of energy and follow you on your treks. If that's the case, there are a number of athletic breeds other than Portuguese Water Dogs that you may want to consider, like these energeticย canines:

  • Border Collies - Outside Magazine ranked Border Collies as one of the most active dog breeds. And not only are they quick, but also quick-witted. The magazine credits this breed's intelligence as one of the reasons they make good running partners.
  • Australian Cattleย Dog - This dog from down under is strong, smart and athletic, Active magazine explained. If those adjectives match your own personality, it may be the perfect match. Once used to drive cattle in the Australianย countryside, these dogs are built to work hard and play harder. They even have a bit of dingo in them.
  • Rhodesian Ridgebackย - Recognizableย from the mane-like ridge of pointed hair running down their back when they're excited or on-guard, these pooches are the perfect companions for long hikes or desert terrain. Active explained that they don't mind the heat and actually come from the African bush. Bring extra water anyway, though.
  • Labrador Retriever - Perfect for hunters and families, this dog is known for being weatherproof and resilient, Outside magazine explained. If you also like to keep active no matter the forecast outside, a lab may be the right dog for you.

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