Nail Clipping Tips for Dogs


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Trimming the nails of your dog is an important part of basic grooming needs. However, the dogs and their owners find the experience of nail cutting harrowing. The owners are scared of hurting their dogs and the dogs themselves are uncomfortable with the entire procedure. By following these 5 helpful tips, the process of nail cutting will become easier than ever.

  1. Select the right toolThere are different types of clippers that are used to cut the nails of dogs. Nail grinders and scissor-style clippers are commonly used to cut nails. When using grinders, be sure to read the manual that comes with it. If the nail isnโ€™t sharp, Guillotine-style clippers are used to crush the nail.
  2. Touch the paws of your dogIf you want your dog to be comfortable while cutting their nails, you need to maintain constant contact with their paws. By frequently touching their paws and rubbing them in ways that they enjoy will help them to relax. It helps to establish a lifetime association when they are handled this way.
  3. Take the help of a friendIf you know that it's going to be hard to clip the nails of your dog, ask your friends for help. They can help you out by restraining your four-legged friend or they can distract the dog by giving it doggie treats. Make it a point that the dog is comfortable with the person thatโ€™s helping you out.
  4. Make small cuts and take your timeThere isnโ€™t any need to rush the process of cutting the nails, even if its hard to control your dog. If you are in a hurry to clip the nails, you might cut the quick (blood vessel in the nail) which will result in bleeding. In order to know where the quick is, you need to clip the nails in small cuts. For dogs that have light nails, you can see a black dot at the middle of the nail which is the ending of the blood vessel (quick). For dogs with dark nails, a pink or a dark dot comes into view at the center of the nail.
  5. Cut the nails under a bright light or sunlightMake sure that you are clipping the nails in broad daylight or under a bright light. It's not easy to notice the quick in the nails of dogs. With proper lighting, you can get as close as possible to the quick without hurting the dog.

Once you have successfully cut the nails, you can give them a treat for being a good boy/girl. Also, clip the nails of dogs every 4 weeks. This way, the dog will get accustomed and become cooperative. By following these 5 tips, trimming the nails of your dog will be an easy task.

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