Myth busted: Cats and dogs are arch enemies!

Myth busted: Cats and dogs are arch enemies!

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It has been believed since time immemorial that cats and dogs are arch enemies. This theory has become the backdrop of several movies and cartoons. We have always believed that dogs and cats hate each other and should not be kept in each other's vicinity lest one of them gets hurt by the other.

However, how much of this theory is true? Are cats and dogs really enemies, or is this theory a myth that has been passed on over the years by a series of cartoons and movies?

We have the answer for you!

Believe it or not, cats and dogs are not mortal enemies. The issue between cats and dogs has more to do with their predatory instincts and communication problems than a mutual hatred for each other. Dogs have always been domesticated and taught to prey small animals. So, when a dog sees a cat, the first instinct of the dog is to chase the cat. Cats, on the other hand, flee with terror when it sees the dog chasing it.

It is only a myth

However, there have been many instances when the world has seen the wonderful friendship between dogs and cats. When a cat and a dog grow up together in the same house, they tend to get used to each other. The dog does not then have the instinct to chase the cat; the cat, too, has nothing to fear from the dog since they have both been raised together. Many families have both dogs and cats living together under the same roof. In many of these instances, cats and dogs also form a wonderful bond of friendship that is too beautiful and pure.

There is another reason why cats and dogs never get along with each other, but this reason, again, has nothing to do with any kind of hatred for each other. The basic reason for this is the difference in their behavior. Dogs might find something appropriate, but the same thing may be terrifying for cats. Dogs, for instance, greet each other by sniffing each other's butts. Since this is in their nature, dogs may greet cats the same way, but since this is not typical cat behavior, they run away from dogs. So, here you have it. The myth that has been going around for years has finally been debunked for you. You can have both these lovely creatures as your pets and see them forming a bond that will last a lifetime. If you are planning to get them, do so today. You do not have to worry about them hating each other. After all, what matters, in the end, is love, communication, and understanding for a healthier and better relationship.

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