#MyNosePrint Gives Back Thousands to Shelters - Help Spread the Word!

#MyNosePrint Gives Back Thousands to Shelters - Help Spread the Word!

Did you know that, just like our fingerprints, every dog has a unique pattern on their nose? And thatโ€™s not all - every dog on Earth has their own unique personality. That said, not every dog is afforded the same opportunity to show off their individuality. Many dogs end up spending their days locked away in shelters, forced to hide their light thanks to the ever increasing numbers of dogs without a home.


Tuna melting hearts in a cowboy hat




Harlow and Sage

, and

Tuna Melts my Heart

are working to help these disenfranchised dogโ€™s shine. By taking donations for these 8 stellar shelters, these organizations hope to collect money so these shelters can focus on the task at hand - finding every one of their rescued pets a loving home.   

The shelters participating are:Best Friends Animal Society LASan Francisco SPCAPAWS SeattleAustin Pets Alive!Bergen County and Ridgewood NJ Veterinary HospitalSocial Tees Animal Shelter NYCPAWS ChicagoHumane Society of Utah

Want to help out?

Donate here

to support the shelters listed above.Want to do more? Help spread the word!

  1. Post a photo of your petโ€™s nose with a caption describing what makes them so special to you
  2. Include the URL BarkBox.com/mynoseprint and the hashtag #mynoseprint
  3. Tag 3 friends in the post and ask them to do the same thing.

If enough people participate, we could do something really special for these shelters. If the thought of helping these awesome organizations is not enough, donators are eligible to receive 16% off a new BarkBox membership. And when you sign up, BarkBox will also donate an additional $10 to the shelters - thats basically donating twice!Please check out

the donation site here

and start snapping photos of your petโ€™s nose now! #MyNosePrint

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