My First Pet: Bo Reilly, a Girl's Best Friend


The Story of Bo

Bo Reilly, a handsome Yellow Labrador Retriever, came into my life when I was just 10 years old, and remained my loyal sidekick for the next 13 years. ย As a relatively shy pre-teen girl, coming home from a long day of school to his wagging tail and smiling face (he really did smile!) provided me with the sense of relief and belonging sought after by many kids my age.

Me and Bo
Me and Bo

When Bo passed away last summer, it was difficult to accept that my childhood friend was gone; but I think of him almost every day, and cherish the fun times we'veย had together. Despite the pain of losing my first childhood pet, I wouldn't change one lazy Saturday snuggled on the couch, rambunctious game of fetch in the backyard, or unsolicited, but comforting, lick on the cheek for anything. Thanks Bo, for showing me the joy that pets can bring into your life, and for inspiring me to work in a setting that feels the same.

My First Pet
Bo Reilly the summer before he passed

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. She enjoys looking at puppy pictures on the Internet, finding the next pet-inspired human interest story, and babysitting her parentsโ€™ new puppy, a German Shepherd named Tilly.

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