Momma Pitty Pumpkin Needs Help! And A Home!

Momma Pitty Pumpkin Needs Help! And A Home!

When Sara Jackson found Momma Pitty Pumpkin pregnant on the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina, she took her right home, despite the fact that she already had a foster dog and two other dogs of her own.?She had sores running down all of her legs, her nails were curled under, and her hips were showing,? Sara said. ?She had obviously been living outside and was being used to make money for someone.?A week after bringing her home, Momma gave birth to 8 beautiful

pups, all of whom Sara was able to place with loving families.

?We were able to partner up with so many amazing people who gave us great connections with

spaying and neutering and all of their vaccines

,? Sara said. ?It truly took an army to rescue this amazing group of babies.?

Once the puppies had been placed in homes, Sara was able to start focusing on Momma. Momma had a large

mass on her back right hip that a vet had previously aspirated (drained), and said could be drained again. Sara hoped this would be taken care of when she took Momma in to be spayed, but after some testing, it was discovered that Momma had cancer

. Later testing revealed that it was

mast cell 2 cancer.The mass was removed during Momma?s spay, and because the vet estimated that Momma was only 2 years-old, Sara decided that it would be worth the additional cost to go through with radiation to ensure that the cancer would not spread to the rest of her organs.

Fun Fur All Fundraiser For Momma's Treatment

The additional cost, however, is not minimal. Radiation therapy will cost $6,000. To help raise the money, Sara is hosting an event in Charlotte on Mother?s Day. The event, which can be found on Facebook at

Momma Pitty?s Run Fur Fun 5K and Silent Auction

, will include a 5K run, a 1 mile walk, and a fun-filled day of live music, photographers, a silent auction, costume and talent contests, massages, and a pit bull kissing booth featuring Momma?s puppies at

Dog Bar

, where Sara works on the weekends.

Dog Bar is a dog-friendly off leash bar in Charlotte. It?s almost like a dog park, but with drinks and live music.?Momma is always at the bar with me, most of the time she is caught ON the bar,? Sara said. ?This is her favorite spot and is often seen begging people to pick her up to put her on the bar so that she can kiss everyone directly in the face.?

Adopt Momma!

If Momma sounds like the kind of loving dog you?d like to bring home, consider

adopting her! Sara is fostering Momma for now, but hopes to find her a forever home.

A bit about Momma:- Breed:

Pit bull

- Age: Estimated to be 2 years-old- Weight:?40 lbs.-

Crate trained, potty trained

, knows

basic commands- Walks well

on a leash, and can even walk off leash and will come back when called- Well-socialized and loves people and other dogs- Loves to swim!

?Her love for life just beams through her large Pitty smile,? Sara said. ?She is not only beautiful on the outside -- her soul just shines.?And a note about Momma?s cancer:?We do not want anyone to be discouraged because of the fact Momma has been diagnosed with cancer. Her mass has been removed; we are doing radiation as a precaution,? Sara said. ?Many bully breeds are known for having this cancer and it is something that as a dog owner we feel you should be prepared for even in a healthy dog. ?Cancer in dogs is a lot like cancer in people, you treat and do what you can, but you do not just cast the dog aside.?

As a thank you to Sara for all that she has done for Momma and her pups,we are offering her six months free?of PetPlus, a benefit program for pet owners that provides member-only access to medications at wholesale prices, plus discounts on food, supplies, boarding and more.?We will also offer a free year of PetPlus to whoever adopts Momma to help them take care of her.

If you are interested in adopting Momma or supporting Sara?s fundraiser, visit the event?s

Facebook page

and leave a message, or leave a comment below and we?ll get back to you with Sara?s direct contact info. Good luck, Sara!  

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