Max Soaks Up Some Sun - A Puppy's First Beach Trip



Max has been having an eventful summer -- his

first 4th of July


first camping trip

went off without any hitches thanks to some good planning, and now he's heading to the beach!

I love the beach -- this has to be the most people who've ever come to hang out with me! And why does this water taste so strange and funny? I'll just guzzle down more of it until I figure it out!

Max has just hit the beaches.

There's not much better than stretching out on the beach for a day of sun and fun in the summertime, and a game of fetch on a long sandy beach is hard to beat. Some dogs just love the beach, but what they love about it most might be terrorizing fellow sunbathers, chasing other dogs, or drinking seawater, which will make them sick.Having a good time at the beach with your dog means committing to a little extra training, equipment, and attention. But when you and your dog play tug-of-war in the sparkling surf, it'll all be worth it.

What Max Needs Today:

  1. First, check that the beach you're headed to allows dogs. You wouldn't want to get all the way there with the perfect array of umbrellas and refreshments just to be turned away.
  2. As with all other outdoor excursions, Max will need up-to-date ID tags andย microchips, so he can be returned to his pet parents if he gets lost.
  3. Max may want to run rampant over the sand, but puppies and dogs unused to this new frontier should be kept onย leashesย until they've learned to always return to you when called. Plus, some beaches require dogs to be leashed at all times.
  4. Treats and snacks so Max isn't tempted to snatch someone else's picnic.
  5. Don't forget pet-friendly sunscreen, it'll keep Maxโ€™s nose or any less-furry parts, like his belly, from burning.
  6. Flea and tick protection. Yes, even at the beach! Flea collars might not be the best choice, since they don't do well when wet.
  7. A water bowl and plenty of fresh water. For some reason, some dogs just love to guzzle ocean water. Maybe the fishy taste? But it'll make them vomit, and no one wants that.
  8. Eye and ear wipesย will helpย keep dirt, bits of shells, and more from irritating your dog's sensitive areas.
  9. Aย first aid kit. Read up onย First Aid for Treating a Dog.ย If your dog gets into something sharp or dangerous, you'll want to know how to handle the injury, and then get them to the vet.

What Max Wonโ€™t Like Much:

  1. All sun and no shade makes Max a sad boy. Hot sand plus direct sunlight can make for a double-whammy of seared paw pads and overheating. Bring a towel for your dog to lay down on and pick a shady spot or bring an umbrella.
  2. Broken glass or other icky trash items that can get stuck in his paw pads. Ouch! These injuries could also lead to infection. Opt for dog booties or be extra-vigilant about where your pet is playing and walking.
  3. What seawater does to his tummy. As mentioned above, seawater will make dogs throw up, so keep plenty of freshwater handy and bring your dog out of the surf if they start lapping it up.
  4. Jellyfish! If these gelatinous creatures often wash up on your beaches, watch out. A dog could see an exciting new thing to sniff, and come away stung.
  5. Riptides and strong waves aren't just capable of hurting people or taking them too far out to sea -- dogs are just as susceptible.ย Your dog might find it hard to resist a full-on swim in the ocean, but you'll need to keep control of your dog and keep them to shallow waters.

Donโ€™t forget to check your email inbox this weekend for a special beach gear sale โ€” courtesy of Max!

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