Massaging Your Dog


Everyone loves a good massage-including your dog. The one who receives the massage benefits from lower blood pressure. Stress is reduced for both the recipient and the masseuse (you). The activity takes only a few minutes every day. Massaging your dog is easy.You merely have to learn a few tricks (for a change).

Maintenance massage

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You could give your dog a daily massage. It takes only 10 minutes and is colloquially known as "maintenance massage." You need your flat palm to do this. Make your firm flat and all parts of your dog's body. Focus and pay attention to the layers you touch, be it hair, skin, muscle, and fat. You can also touch bone. Your dog will love the massage when you do that. When you do a maintenance massage, you do more than making your dog happy. Other than your hands getting exercise, you will have a better picture when it comes to your dog's medical care, surgery, and medications. You can now better inform the veterinarian about the dog's physical and even mental condition. Your pet's quality of life will be vastly improved.

Massaging is an excellent way to calm a nervous dog. This practice comes in handy when there is thunder in the sky, or someone is bursting firecrackers outside or inside the house. Rest your hand lightly with the palm side on the dog's neck or head. Make sweeping and long passes along the spine length and then down the dog's tail. Do this and repeat a few times. You can slowly increase the pressure if your dog likes to be massaged by you. It is advisable not to press straight to the lower portion of the back.  When you want to finish the massage, your one hand should rest on your dog's head, and the other side must rest over the pelvis. The two areas are the part of the dog's spinal cord which controls the relaxation responses of your dog. Use this technique whenever the dog is nervous.

Important routine for your dog You can massage your dog to warm it up. It is an important component of any fitness routine as the practice warms up the body. This is essential for a dog especially if it is a pup. Begin with multiple strokes over the entire body of the dog. Rub the bigger muscles quickly in the shoulders, thighs and the neck area. Stroke the dog's buttocks too. Lift and squeeze the muscles gently. Your fingers should do what you knead dough. Wrap your fingers around the dogs' legs and press in a gentle manner. Relax grip and move up the body. Finish with extra petting over the full body to stimulate nerves.

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