Mandatory Liability Insurance for Bigger Dog Breeds?

Mandatory Liability Insurance for Bigger Dog Breeds?

bigger-dog-breeds-blogBigger dog breeds

can beย intimidating to some people because these pooches have broad chests and muscular legs that give them larger-than-life stature. This has led one Oklahoma mayor to propose a new ordinance regarding insuring against these large breed dogs.FOX23 reported that Jimmy Tramel, mayor of Pryor, Oklahoma, has presented his city council with legislation that calls for

owners of large dogs to purchase pet insurance for their canines

, which would make them more liable in the event ofย an attack or anything of the sort. The proposal comes after a series of dog attacks. In the first, a little girl was the victim of a vicious attack. The second, two Pit Bulls got loose and killed a neighbors 6-year-old Boxer.Following an alleged attack, the dog owner paid a $195 fine to the city, which Tramel feels is unfair to the family. He believes that long-term medical and emotional costs will leave the family scarred. Currently, he's sitting down with local government representatives, researching existing regulations and speaking with other states that have similar laws in place. If he's allowed to be breed specific, Tramel said he'd likely only require Pit Bulls and other

bigger dog breeds

to have insurance.However, pet parents like Patrick Herston feel that the ordinance places unfair judgment on big dogs in Pryor.ย "He's a big, lazy baby," Herston told FOX23 about his large, lethargic pooch.The ordinance also doesn't sit well with Charles Hodson, who thinks that tagging dogs and keeping up to date with shots is enough. Either way, time will tell how far Tramel is able to take his proposal in the Pryor area.

Keeping large canines in control


bigger dog breeds

can be shocking to some, it's on owners to properly train and manage their pooches. Walking in crowds or busier areas of town might make controlling your canine a challenge. These situations can be difficult and stressful to handle, but with the right mindset, you can keep control over the scenario.Cesar's Way explained that the

sights, smells and sounds of crowds can cause pooches to react instinctively

. At times, this can lead to acts of aggression due to fear or panic, but owners can keep their dogs under control. The source recommended that pet parents start early with their furry friends and expose puppies to as many noises and sights as possible. The more desensitizedย they are, the easier it'll be to control themย later.Most importantly, keep your dog close to you when walking him in public. The worst thing you can do is give Fido too much slack on his leash, allowing him to take off if he gets too excited.Sign up for


today and purchase discounted accessories that make training

bigger dog breeds

a cinch.

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