Man Rescues Abandoned Dog From Flood, Now They Are Inseparable

Man Rescues Abandoned Dog From Flood, Now They Are Inseparable

The flooding in South Carolina earlier this month made national headlines for a number of reasons - people were forced to evacuate, countless amounts of property damage was sustained, and some even lost their lives during the deluge.However, amongst all the tragedy and heartbreak, there is one story whose light is strong enough to break through the otherwise darkened clouds. After seeing a dog stranded on an enclosed porch that was quickly filling with water, hero Alex Scroggins made a life saving detour on his evacuation route to

rescue the helpless pooch.

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Alex had been helping his sister and mother gather up their belongings and wade to safety when he heard the telltale barking. Not wanting to stick his nose where it didnโ€™t belong, Alex first asked a neighbor if they knew anything about the

scared dog.โ€œThey said the owner had left the dog there a few days earlier,โ€ Scroggins told reporters at The Dodo

.Knowing that this dog was left to fend for himself, and that conditions were rapidly getting worse, Alex leapt into action. He clambered up to the porch and approached the nervous dog. "He was almost without a dry place to stand by the time I found him. That dog was going to be swept out. It would have been only a matter of time before we saw him floating in the river dead," said Scroggins.As if this kind of neglect from his owner wasnโ€™t bad enough, when the dogโ€™s original owner found out about his rescue, he reportedly couldnโ€™t care less. And this is not this manโ€™s first act of negligence against a pet. Years ago, one of his dogs had to be reclaimed by the humane society for being tied to a tree without food.Thankfully, Scroggins says that

the dog is welcome to stay with him - and itโ€™s a good thing because since the rescue, the dog has refused to leave Alexโ€™s side. โ€œI feel like he understands what happened,โ€ Scroggins told reporters. Since the rescue, wherever Alex goes, his new canine compatriot is not far behind. And can you blame him? He finally found his guardian angel.Want more stories like this? Follow us on Facebook




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