Lung Cancer in Cats: A Quick Guide Symptoms, causes, and treatment options for Lung Cancer in cats

Lung Cancer in Cats: A Quick Guide

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Learn how to detect lung cancer in your cat and how to care for them to prevent lung cancer.

Lung cancer in cats is a very rare type of feline cancer that can be found in both the glands and airways. The disease is most often found in older cats and rarely affects younger ones. 

The most common form of lung cancer in cats is bronchial carcinoma, which forms on the walls of the bronchi. Bronchi are the airways leading from your cat's nose to the lungs. 

75% of all lung tumors in cats turn out to be cancerous, as per Pet MD. Lung cancer gets diagnosed at an advanced stage because it doesn't cause any obvious symptoms until it's too late. 

It develops slowly over time, but it can progress rapidly if left untreated or undetected for long enough.

Causes of Lung Cancer in Cats

Though there is very little clarity on the causes of lung cancer, certain factors can increase your cat's risk of developing this disease. They are listed below.

Exposure To Secondhand Smoke

Ensure your family members and friends do not smoke in the presence of your cat. Passive smoking is as bad for your cat as it is for humans.

Exposure To Other Cats With Respiratory Infections

Discourage your cat to mix with ferals and strays. However, cats don’t like being bored. Ensure indoor playtime is fun with interactive toys for cats

You can also provide indoor play spaces inside the house for your cat to play like a camper by kong toys for cats.

Being overweight or obese. 

Ensure you provide your cat with a healthy diet, rich in nutrients but low in fat. To ensure your cat is satiated yet not overweight, you can try weight management focussed food for cats like Royal Canin Feline Satiety Support.

For dry food options, Hill's prescription diet may also be another option for you.

Exercise your cat indoors with interactive toys for cats that help your cat stay active and productively engaged, like this mystery motion concealed toy.

Age and Gender

Male cats are twice as likely to have the disease compared to females. Also, older Cats are at a higher risk. Hence take senior cats for regular check-ups to ensure early detection of this deadly disease.

Symptoms of Lung Cancer in Cats 

Many symptoms of lung cancer in cats are similar to those of asthma, pneumonia, and heartworm disease. 

These include coughing, difficulty in breathing, lethargy or weakness, fever or loss of appetite, and decreased food intake. Lung Cancer usually affects cats after the age of 12 years, so it is advisable to check for these signs in your senior cats.

If you notice any of these signs, contact your veterinarian right away.

Treatment for Lung Cancer in Cats

It’s important to seek out a specialist who has experience in treating feline lung cancer. In the meantime, you can treat any pain your cat is feeling through pet medicines, as advised by your vet, by ordering pet meds online.

Treatment will include surgery, radiation therapy, or chemotherapy. Experts on pet oncology believe even surgery in the early stages can prolong the life of your cat by about a year. If it is too late for surgery, then the life expectancy of a senior cat is a few months. 

If you do notice any strange symptoms in your cat, such as coughing or wheezing, take him or her to a veterinarian immediately. Diagnosing lung cancer early is key because it can be treated more effectively before it spreads to other organs in the body and becomes harder to treat.

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