Loyal Dog Guards Injured Friend After Hit and Run


If you had to choose one word to describe a dog, what would it be? There is a pretty good chance you said โ€˜loyal.โ€™ But dogs are not only

loyal to their handler or family. Oftentimes you will find a pair of dogs so bonded that nothing can cause their loyalty to waver.Not even impending death.And that is why this magnificent white dog

spent hours waiting by the side of the road with his fatally injuredย compatriot, guarding him from the oncoming traffic. If it werenโ€™t for Samuel Flores and this powerful photograph, this dog would likely still be waiting there.


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CBSHowever, thanks to Mr. Flores, thousands of people saw this picture and grew concerned. Julie Fennel, a local animal advocate, saw the message and made a plea to her network that someone go down there to rescue these two endangered dogs.Another advocate, Jesse Faiferlick, was closer to the scene and rushed over. When she got there, the powerful white dog began to bark and posture. Once Jesse made it known that she was there to help, he quickly changed his tune, giving her his large paw and showing that he was grateful for the aid.
Via Julie Fennell
The injured dog was in incredibly bad shape, so they loaded her into the trunk of the car and led the white dog into the backseat. โ€œYou could tell from the blood in the road that he had dragged her body out of the road up onto the grass. When we drove away he got into the small back window of my car to look for his friend." whatโ€™s more, for the duration of the trip to the shelter, the large white dog sat up with his paw on julieโ€™s shoulder as if to show his>
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Via Julie Fennell
The injured dog is still in the care of the Dallas Animal Services where she is being treated for her innumerable wounds. As for her big, white guardian, he has been taken to SPIN Rescue, which is an organization that specializes in rehoming Great Pyrenees dogs. While there are no guarantees, it is looking like both of these brave dogs are going to end up getting their happily ever after, and it is all thanks to one moving picture and the power of Facebook. If you want more stories like this, follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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