Lil Bub -- World's Cutest Rescue Cat -- Gets Own Documentary, World in Aww


We all know cats are adorable, but there are those that are just


adorable that they attract legions of fans across the Internet -- Lil Bub is one such cat, and she may just be the cutest of them all.

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This week at the Tribeca Film Festival, Lil Bub will have her big screen debut in her own documentary:

Lil Bub & Friendz

.ย Directed by Andy Capper and Juliette Eisner, the documentary will tell the story of Lil Bub and other Internet-famous cats, as well as examine our obsession with cats on the web.We're just excited because what could be better than seeing those adorable eyes on the big screen?As if you're not


-ed out enough, Lil Bub's story -- and why she looks the way she does -- only tugs at the heartstrings more. She was rescued nearly two years ago after being found in a tool shed and ended up in the tender care of her owner, Mike Bridavsky. He started posting pics of Lil Bub in late 2011, and the response was immediate. The world was in love.Lil Bub looks so adorable in part because she's a dwarf, so her limbs are short and stout. Her lower jaw didn't develop fully and her teeth didn't grow in, so her tongue is always poking out. And she's


, having 22 toes. Who could resist rescuing a little bundle of love like her?Keep an eye out for the documentary, and in the meantime, feast your eyes on


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