Lessons to Learn from Rescued Animals

Lessons to Learn from Rescued Animals

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Rescued dogs and cats brought into homes have histories different from the purebred animals families buy from breeders. They are either picked up as strays, or come into loving homes after enduring abuse, neglect, and injury. Adopting a rescued animal is about more than just opening your doors to let them into your house. Anatole France rightly remarked, โ€œUntil one has loved an animal, a part of oneโ€™s soul remains un-awakened.โ€ Bringing home a rescued animal best embodies the spirit of that quote because of the enlightening lessons it teaches us.

Learn to trust again

Rescued animals usually have dark, unpleasant histories and may take time to get comfortable in new homes. Abuse, abandonment, and fear of injury can make them cautious at first, but over time, most rescued animals transform into healthy, loving ones. Their negative past experiences don't prevent them from opening up their hearts to new family members and trusting humans again.

Everyone deserves a chance or two

Rescued animals typically would end up in shelters or on the kill list had they not been brought into a loving home. Interacting with them reminds us that they are no different from their furry counterparts who are more fortunate. Watching them live full lives and have experiences that they otherwise could not reminds us that we all deserve another chance.

Our stories are unique

Each rescued animal has a different history, and each one's history plays an important role in shaping their personality. Every rescued animal has different needs and adjusts differently, requiring us to understand them differently. Acknowledging the influence of the past on current behavior improves our empathy, and this can be extended to fellow humans as well.

The power of patience and unconditional love   

Caring for a rescued animal requires patience and unconditional love from both ends โ€“ the human and animal. The visible transformation in the relationship brought about by unconditional love and patience in care is unparalleled. It teaches us that love can heal and be experienced in any form, with anyone if we only open our hearts to it.

Live in the moment and be thankful for what you have

Rescued animals light up after being in loving homes and teach us the importance of seizing each day for all that it brings. Whether itโ€™s a walk, a game of chase, playing with a ball, or the simple pleasure of food, they know how to enjoy the moment with their loved ones. Thatโ€™s a lesson we could all benefit from! The funny twist is, while we may call them our rescued animals, they, in fact, end up teaching us lessons that rescue us.

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