Kate and Pip: An Unlikely Friendship


kate and pip
Kate and Pip, via Facebook

Nothing makes animal lovers go "awww!" more than a story of cross-species friendship. Kate and Pip, the famous Great Dane and deer duo are no exception.

When a Dog Meets a Deer

Kate adopted Pip when the deer's mother abandoned her outside Kate's home inย British Columbia, Canada. They quickly began a loving friendship, which has garnered lots of media attention throughout the past year.ย The duo has been featured onย Animal Planet, Nat Geo,

PBS Nature


Good Morning America

, and

The Ellen Degeneres Show

, among many other media outlets. They've even published a

children's book

(with the help of their human)!Kate's pet parent, Isobel Springett, says that she's never seen anything like the unique relationship between Kate and Pip. "When they greet each other, I've never seen anything like it. It's not a deer greeting a deer. It's not a dog greeting a dog. It's definitely something that they have between the two of them," Springett told


.Learn more about Kate and Pip's amazing story, and see more beautiful photos on their Facebook page,ย 

Kate and Pip BFF


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