Is Your Dog Happy?


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Dogs are synonymous with joy. They spread love and happiness around and make great companions. An unhappy dog is born from adverse experiences and bad interactions with owners.

Signs of a happy dog

Your dog cannot tell you how it feels, but if you pay attention to signs mentioned below, you can gauge if your pet is happy or otherwise.Happy dogs sleep for 8 to 10 hours every day, mostly through the night. They are very alert and active when they wake up. They seek attention from their people and interact well with the other pets in the house.Happy dogs enjoy social activities, including walks and


. They get excited when their owners return or during meal times. Soft and bright eyes, swiveling ears with tails held high are strong signs that your dog is feeling great. They spend the evenings relaxing with the other pets at the house or with their owners for company.

Signs of an unhappy dog

Focusing on keeping your dog happy also involves paying attention to signs that tell you if your canine friend is feeling blue. Dogs can get depressed for several reasons, including a change in home environment, the death of a fellow pet or a beloved human as well as stress at home. Dogs are also deeply affected by loneliness since they are pack animals. If you leave your dog alone for several hours during the day, there are increased chances of it growing depressed. Dogs that have faced abuse from their owners grow sad and untrusting. Neglected dogs also become very aloof and helpless.Unhappy dogs sleep for longer periods in a day. They also display behavioral problems that manifest as excessive barking, overeating or destructive mannerism. These dogs become confrontational with their owners and with the other pets in the household. Their body language also displays how they feel; cowed postures, hunkered and dull behavior are common among unhappy dogs. Their eyes do not shine and they appear dull and display a lack of curiosity. They become very anti-social and aggressive sometimes.

Ways to creating a happy dog

Set a routine for your dog and make sure it gets plenty of exercise. Feed him/her regularly and it should be


. Give him small


occasionally. Keep communication with your dog as clear as possible. Regularly, take him to the vet, have his


updated frequently and ensure he/she is in no discomfort or pain. Spend more time with your pet and encourage him/her to be more social and interactive.A happy dog is an immense joy and a great blessing for each home, so make sure that you follow all the right directions to keep your four-legged companion as happy as can be.

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