Is Your Cat Suckling Even As An Adult?

Is Your Cat Suckling Even As An Adult?

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Suckling in cats is common. This behavior does not cause any harm and is observed in all ages and cat breeds. A suckling adult cat tends to get more attention and many regards it as abnormal behavior. The animals can suck anything which remotely looks like a nipple. The object may range from a human finger to clothing. If your cat suckles, do not try too much to deter it from this behavior. This is completely benign. You may, however, use this opportunity to know more about your kitty. You may undertake behavior modification to make your cat stop suckling.Some species of felines are more prone to suckling than others. Oriental breeds like Tonkinese and Siamese appear to be prone to suckling among the adult cats compared to their North American or European breeds. Excessive sucking means early weaning in multiple cases.

Not a disease but a behavioral disorder

A behavioral disorder may lead to your cat suckling. The list of causes includes multiple anxiety disorders, environmental conflict or stress, and a paucity of stimulation in the immediate environment. If suckling begins suddenly, it could be that your cat suffers from pain or any other stress. The kitty may have adopted suckling as a coping strategy. If your cat starts to suckle suddenly, consult a veterinarian. The vet may order a complete health history and a medical examination. Bloodwork in its entirety could be recommended to fund out the fundamental medical reason.

Instinct comes naturally

Young kittens love to suckle and they may try this action on anything which is soft, fuzzy, and warm. This action is intensified if the object looks remotely alike to a mother cat. The behavior may persist up to the time it reaches adulthood. This is comparable to thumb sucking in humans, but the two is not an analogy.


Suckling can also be caused by stress. The animal could then show obsessive-compulsive behaviors, and suckling is one such behavior. The list of other stress-related signs includes flank-licking, paw-sucking, or chewing the tail. The cat may also over groom itself.

Getting comfortable

Suckling happens when the cat feels extremely comfortable. This is normal behavior and for the kitty, a relaxing activity. Cats suckle even if they do not locate milk. This surmise is true when one spies a kitten's post weaning behavior. The kittens suckle even in the absence of milk.

What to do

In short, probably nothing. Suckling calms your kitty and it brings contentment and comfort to the animal. Just accept your cat's suckling as its normal behavior. You should intervene only if suckling leads to intestinal problems in your cat. Consult a veterinarian in case of excessive vomiting.

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