Is Your Cat Aggressive Toward Human Beings

Is Your Cat Aggressive Toward Human Beings

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Cats do not resort to aggressive actions for no reason. They typically use aggressive postures and vocalizations to threaten the other party, and only resort to an actual confrontation if it is absolutely necessary. Overstepping boundaries, stepping into territory, posing a threat to kittens, these are just some reasons that may cause cats to show aggressive


toward humans. Understanding what is causing your cat to behave aggressively is the first step toward resolving it. Let us take a look at why cats behave aggressively and how you can tackle it.

What is causing your cat to be aggressive?

One of the most common reasons why cats show aggression is out of fear, whether it is to defend themselves or their kittens. Cats also show aggression when they are injured or in pain. Misdirected aggression is not uncommon, and apart from physical injuries and medical conditions, it could also be because it is not able to get its hands on that bird by the window or a cat that crept up the balcony.Sometimes, cats may behave aggressively when they are being petted. It could either mean that your cat is not comfortable with being petted in certain areas, he does not want to be petted at present, or that you are petting more than what's needed. Cats may show playful aggression as well. Your cat may not have engaged in play with litter pals when young, or may not realize that the same harmless play-fighting with litter pals may be slightly harsher in case of humans, causing injuries and wounds. He may playfully take a nip at your ankle, without meaning to cause pain.

Coping with cat aggression

Once you have pinned down the exact cause or trigger behind your cat's aggressive behavior, the next step is to correct it. You can either try and prevent these triggers or train your cat so he does not react aggressively in such situations. Watch for cues in their body language to stop them before the aggression materializes into actions. You can use behavior modification techniques to correct the aggressive behavior, and use positive reinforcement methods like offering treats when your cat displays calm behavior. You could even try redirecting his attention to something he likes when you think he is growing aggressive, whether it is by rattling his favorite toy or bag of treats. Do not punish your pet when he is aggressive, it will only cause the condition to grow worse.If you are not able to recognize what is causing your cat to behave aggressively consult a vet, so they can do a quick checkup and see if an underlying condition is causing your cat to be irritable and aggressive.

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