Is Chaining Your Dog Justified?

Is Chaining Your Dog Justified?

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Throughout the United States, millions of dogs have to spend their entire lives outside by getting their chains fixed to the ground or a pole. Commonly known as chaining or tethering, it is a common technique used to contain dogs. Is it a good idea to chain your dogs or should you let them run around as they please? Letโ€™s take a look to find out.

Why do people chain their dogs?

There are many reasons as to why people chain their dogs. The underlying causes are highlighted below.

  • They are known to run away the moment they are free.
  • The owner is trying to safeguard them from other threats such as another dog.
  • The fence surrounding the house is damaged or there isnโ€™t one in the compound.
  • Itโ€™s hard for the owner to keep them inside their house.
  • The landlord doesnโ€™t allow the tenant to keep their dogs inside their house.
  • The pet owner has no idea on how to keep their dogs under control.
  • Itโ€™s a family practice.
Why you shouldnโ€™t chain your dog

Dogs are social creatures who need their regular dosage of interaction with people and other animals. Long-term confinement and restraint can have severe negative impact on the physical and mental health of your furry friends. Any dog that is kept chained over extended periods of time is aggressive, anxious, neurotic and unhappy.When dogs are tied to a chain, their necks become sore. Their vulnerability to parasites and insect bites increase significantly. Also, the collars can grow into the skin of the dogs, making the entire process painful. The chances of strangulation, entanglement, attacks and harassment by other dogs, are higher than normal.

How chaining your dog can be dangerous?

Chaining dogs to a pole or any object can have serious implications on their behavior. Dogs respond to situations based on their fight or flight instinct. As they are unable to run away from the situation, they learn to respond by being overtly aggressive. The most common victims of such attacks are unsuspecting people who get close to these dogs. On top of that, these dogs can be a danger to society if they manage to break loose from their chains. They will most likely attack anyone who crosses their path.Even if you have legitimate reasons, you shouldnโ€™t keep your dogs chained for extended periods of time. If you are finding it hard to control them, learn different ways to discipline them. If your pet lives outdoors, make it a habit of bringing them into your house. You can protect them from various elements such as weather, dogs, and other people. Remember, no matter what the situation, it is never justifiable to chain your dogs.

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