Introducing Your Dog to Your Workplace

Introducing Your Dog to Your Workplace

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You would love to take your puppy to the workplace. Showing up with your dog unannounced could be the easiest way to harm your career prospects. There exist a few methods to make your dog known to people in your professional life- beginning with your boss.

Managing your workmates

The first action is to do the groundwork. Gift your boss a semi-expensive wine in an innocuous manner. This will blunt any action your boss can possibly make against you if your dog does something stupid (and it will). The alcohol also makes the boss a little tipsy and that person will be more agreeable when you ask permission. Do not ask only verbally. Confirm the acceptance with an email. This will provide you a shield if higher-ups in the company complain.

Since the boss is now in your bag, it is now time to move to your co-workers. Give your colleagues chocolates or anything they like when you inform them of your intention. If any person objects or tries to, prepare a long speech about the benefit of having canines in the place of work. Dogs also make a nice non-controversial topic of conversation.


Now since everybody is on-board, it is now time to take the dog to work. Why not walk instead of the usual drive? Other than exercise, a walk gives your dog more chance to urinate beside the space below the desk. If your house is too far from your office, then buy a pet carrier for your dog. It will make this travel much less stressful. If your luck is good, you can be the most popular person in public transport thanks to Social Media. Almost everyone likes dogs, and if your dog is of particular sweet disposition, then the animal will brighten up many a person's days. It is a good idea to avoid the rush and be crushed along with your dog in the mass of humanity. You can also purchase a doggy sized sidecar. Your dog is now in the office. It is important that you pet-proof the workplace. Cover every cable, especially WiFi cord. Your dog may enjoy itself while chewing cables and wires. It can also be extremely dangerous for you, as the whole office will be angry with you (and blame your dog) if the office suddenly goes offline. Groom the puppy before you take the animal to work. Get the animal a fresh breath and a clean cut. Do prepare the case containing your dog's belongings. It is vital that the dog stays stimulated and relaxed. Do not take the toys from your home and bring it to the office. Do not allow the dog to hamper productivity.

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