Identifying a Munchkin Cat


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It is easy to identify a Munchkin cat: it has a long body supported by short legs. The movement of a Munchkin is like a ferret due to low height and fast speed. That a cat belongs to the Munchkin breed is confirmed by short front legs partnered by a little taller back legs joined by a long body. This breed of cat is extraordinarily energetic and friendly. These cats have an affiliation for shiny objects.

Physical attributes

Munchkin cats have characteristic short legs. It is the breed's defining characteristic. The average length of a front leg is about three inches. The rear legs could be of equal length or a little longer. Since the legs are short, the length of the body appears extremely long. The body size equals one of a standard medium sized cat. The animals in this breed weigh anywhere from four pounds to eight pounds. The Munchkin cats are frequently compared to another similar looking breed-the Daschund- on account of the cat's short legs and long body.

It is essential to go over the full body of the cat carefully. This cat breed is known for its round and broadhead considered a certain modified wedge. The cat's ears can be described as medium-sized triangles. The eyes of the cat are big and shaped like a walnut. It is also wide-set. The neck and the tail are medium thick. Do note that the Munchkin breed has both a long haired and short haired variety. Since they get outcrossed with domestic cats, there exists a wide range of patterns and colors.


Their agility and fast motion can also identify munchkin cats. These kitties have more than adequate energy. The animals are extremely fast, and you can see your Munchkin cat running all around the house. These cats like to chase anything and everything. Short legs do not inhibit Their bouncy nature. These cats do everything other cats does-only it takes them a little longer. You will frequently observe your Munchkin stand on its hind legs to investigate surroundings. If you adopt a Munchkin, expect and loving and affectionate pet. Munchkin cats are social, and you can expect your kitty to be an outgoing one. These cats are friendly not only with people but also with other pets as well. The cats love to get attention, especially from their owners. You will soon find your cat to curl up on your lap. Munchkins are excellent with children. Do be aware that your Munchkin cat loves shiny objects. It will steal any and every shiny object. These cats are known to take their favorite toys and hide them in a place where they can find later. Keep your shiny belongings like jewelry away from your cuddly Munchkin kitty.

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