How To Tell If You Can Pet A Berger Picard?

How To Tell If You Can Pet A Berger Picard?

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The Berger Picard, although a wonderful breed, is not suitable for everyone. The breed was developed in France's Picardie region to guard and herd sheep. These dogs are intelligent. They can also be stubborn. The breed can be sensitive and may not like to be corrected. If a Berger Picard is not socialized with other animals from its infancy, then it may quarrel and fight with other pets. Thanks to their herding mentality, they even try to herd children and cars.

Be sure

You should not buy a Berger Picard simply as you have seen it in a heart-warming movie. Do remember that movie animals are highly trained creatures and the stories are optimistic versions of real life. Before buying a specific dog, you must learn about the creature's temperament, care, training requirements and actual purpose. Be doubly sure that this breed of dog is suitable for your requirements. If all are yes, then only purchase a Berger PicardBerger Picards, like other species of dogs, shed hair. These animals come with a soft undercoat and crisp outer coat. One plus point of this breed that even the occasional grooming is sufficient. Shed furs can be quickly and easily cleaned up. These animals have negligible "dog odor". You do not have to bathe them every day. This breed comes with a number of health issues like hip dysplasia, lymphosarcoma, and Hemangiosarcoma. There could also be a number of other issues like thyroid and cardiac problems.

Intelligent and family pet

Keep in mind that Berger Picards are intelligent canines. The problem is that they can be independent thinkers, a trait cultivated to herd sheep. It means these animals require substantial mental stimulation and exercise to avoid any possible bored and destructive behavior. Conversely, the same trait makes them playful and fun. You could play frisbee or a game of football with your pet. Contrary to popular notion, Berger Picards are not aggressive. Like other breeds, they can, however, be distrustful. Your guests, in case, if you are not around, must approach the pet with caution. These dogs are extremely territorial and bark continuously if their space is violated. This is why a Berger Picard must be socialized from an early age. The pup must be exposed to a plethora of surfaces, smells, people, sounds, and to all members of its human family. If these are done, this species of dog could be extremely fun to be around.Berger Picards frequently bond with the children of the family. Their herding instinct remains strong and they will protect human children like their own. Then again, it needs a lot of practice to bring the dog to this stage-evidently not suitable for first-time dog owners.

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