How to Take Care of Your Pet This New Years?

How to Take Care of Your Pet This New Years?

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Parties, noise and fun mark New Yearโ€™s celebrations, with everyone getting together to welcome 2018 with a huge bang. But what about your little pet? How do you think itโ€™s going to keep pace with the party animal inside you? Well, your dog is way too sensitive to noise and celebrations. Fireworks and loud music and overwhelm it and stress it out. They might try to escape the scene and injure themselves in the process. Stress in pets also causes loss of appetite, stomach upset and disorientation.

What can you do for your pet?

But there are ways to ensure that your dog has an amazing New Yearโ€™s Eve. Here are a few tips you should follow in order to keep your pet safe and protected during the celebrations:

Confine your dog to its protective space

Your pet might feel protected in particular spots of the house. It becomes its hiding place whenever it feels stressed or frightened. So it will be a good idea to confine your pooch to this protective space during New Yearโ€™s celebrations. It will help it cope with loud noise and fireworks and feel protected and safe.

Give it games and toys

As New Yearโ€™s celebrations go on, itโ€™s a good idea to distract your dog from it. Games and toys can help you do so. You can give them food puzzles and other games to keep them engaged and distracted. You can make it more interesting by stuffing some peanut butter into your dogโ€™s toy or squirting some catnip spray on your catโ€™s toy.

Try playing positive music

If your pet is scared of noise created by fireworks or loud music, you can distract it by playing some positive music. This will divert its attention to the stressful noise to something pleasant and soothing. This will calm your pet by covering up the alarming noise. But make sure you play it at a lower volume so that you donโ€™t scare your pet more.

Remove the leash

When pets panic, itโ€™s suggestible to remove its leash lest they choke themselves. Collars and tethers are simply not a good idea for calming a panicking pet. Restraining them can make them feel highly anxious as they would think they are in danger. Itโ€™s a natural self-defense mechanism of the petโ€™s brain. You should instead confine it to its safe haven in the house if you see them panic.

Never leave it alone

Last but not the least, you should never leave your pet alone during these times. You may have a number of parties and gatherings lined up, but make sure thereโ€™s somebody with your pet at home. You can call a pet sitter or share the responsibility with others in your family. This will make your pet feel safe and protected.

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