How to Select Cat Friendly Flora for Your Garden

How to Select Cat Friendly Flora for Your Garden

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There are so many programmes on television these days demonstrating how to create a perfect garden for your home. But very few people have actually ever thought about designing a โ€˜cat-friendlyโ€™ garden. So what is a cat-friendly garden? In simple terms, it is an outside area where your cat can freely roam about without endangering its life. It is typically fenced and blooms with flora that is non-toxic for cats. With such a garden, you will be able to enjoy complete peace of mind while your cat runs around, plays in the garden or even chews on the plant species.It is observed that cats primarily like nibbling on grass and avoid touching anything else in a garden area. But it is vital to be aware that there are certain garden plants which could be poisonous for cats. Foxgloves and lilies could be quite dangerous to plant in a garden with your cats running around. This is because the pollen present in these flowers has the effect of damaging kidneys. But the good news is that there are plenty of non-toxic plants that you can choose from in order to keep your cats safe and also add color to your garden!Here are a few excellent tips on selecting cat-friendly flora for your garden:

Tip#1: Plant tall climbing structures

It is important to remember that cats are curious animals and love exploring almost all the time. You can keep your cat/s happy by designating a space in the backyard exclusively for them. These animals love hiding, climbing and pouncing. This means that it would be a good idea to plant climbing structures like trees. Bamboo in fact is an excellent choice of plant to have in a cat-friendly garden. The bamboo plant looks very exotic and adds a lot of height to your garden. Above all, it can serve as the perfect hideout for your cat!

Tip#2: Make room for cat grass

Despite being carnivores, cats strangely love nibbling on garden grass. But not all kinds of grass are non-toxic for your cat. Cat grass is a special variety of grass which can be purchased in seed form. The good news is that it is very easy to grow cat grass. You simply need to sow the seeds in pots or borders and the grass will grow within 3 to 5 days. Cat grass is known for its medicinal properties and also aids digestion.

Tip#3: Add a beautiful catnip

Catnip is considered to be quite an obvious choice when it comes to planting a cat-friendly garden. Cats find this plant to be extremely attractive and feel very happy to see it around them! And of course, this plant is absolutely safe for your cat.

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