How To Protect Your Tiny Kitten From Predators

How To Protect Your Tiny Kitten From Predators

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Predators are everywhere. They are in the ground, like coyotes, and in the air, like eagles. The latter perch on public furniture like street lights searching for food. If you have a tiny kitten, it is important to keep them safe.


They are seen in every US state. The only exception is Hawaii. They eat whatever they can locate, including a wide variety of small animals and fruits. These animals eat seeds as well. Maximum danger from coyotes are on the spring season, when they have pups and thus a consequent rise in food consumption. However, it is important for you and your kitten to be cautious all through the year.

Keep your backyard secure

You can keep out coyotes if you want to. Although there is a shard of truth in the assertion that these animals can overcome any barrier, you can keep them in check. A fence designed to bar coyotes must be a minimum of six feet tall. It should also have a roller bar. The top must have 15 inch woven wire extension. The wire can also extend to ground. The wire apron will stop coyotes from digging under the fence to get into your yard.In case you cannot put up such kind of fencing, you can still protect your kitten through installing a lighting which is affected by motion. Trim the landscaping so that the hiding places are eliminated. Take away the bird feeders. If you see any fallen nuts or fruits, pick them up. Regularly harvest the gardens. If you do not do so, a number of invasive predatory species will come into your home. Keep the trash bins in the garage. If permitted by the collector, use the animal resistant models as well.

Make behavioral changes

If your area has frequent predator sightings, you cam increase the safety of your kitten and protect it by doing a few activities. Supervise the cat while it plays in the yard, especially during dusk and dawn. It is important that the kitten must not have free access to outside. It is unwise to put a bell on the kitten's neck. This will attract unwanted attention. Whatever you do, never feed the wild-life.

Birds of prey

The biggest threat to your kitten from the sky is the hawk. The owl is also a danger to your tiny pet. The hawks hunt through the day, and owl comes out in the evening at night. These two are a threat to your kitten's existence all through the year.Trim the dead branches from the trees to remove any spaces when the bird of prey can nest or perch. In case you want your cat to enjoy unrestricted access without any supervision, turn the patio into a catio!

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